Good News Club®

storytellingGood News Clubs are weekly Bible clubs held in public schools, homes and community centers, bringing the Gospel and solid discipleship teaching to kids ages 5–12.

A US Supreme Court ruling in 2001 has opened the nation’s public schools to Good News Clubs that meet right after classes dismiss.  Click here to find out more about the ruling, and here to find out more about the Good News Club ministry.

Sponsoring a Good News Club at a nearby school is a great way for a church to reach out to the community!  Our vision is a GNC™ at every school!

Q: How will a Good News Club benefit my child?

A: Good News Clubs provide:

  • biblical principles
  • moral values
  • character qualities
  • respect for authority
  • life-long impact

Q: Is there any cost for my child to attend?

A: There is no charge for your child to attend. An optional missionary offering will be taken each week.

Q: Will my child be safe?

A:  CEF® has taken specific steps to ensure the safety of your child. All club workers have been carefully screened as required by CEF’s child protection policy.