Workshop Resources

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2018-19 Workshop resources

Workshop #1 – God: The One Who Knows My Heart (David)

(click on a title to download the pdf)

Character Trait – Loyalty

Games for Pre-or Mid-club

Tangram to print

Suggested Prayer Requests – David

Rhyming Reviews – David

Workshop #2 – God Rules: Be Strong (Daniel) 

Attention Please

Box Letters Teaching Tip

Daniel Lesson 1

Daniel Lesson 2

Daniel Lesson 3

Daniel Lesson 4

Daniel Lesson 5

Prayer Prompts for Daniel Series

Looking at Daniel Ch 6 Thru Window

Stop Light & ASK bookmarks

Workshop #3 – Jesus: God Who Came to Earth

Jesus God Who Came Less.1

Jesus God Who Came Less. 2

Jesus God Who Came Less. 3

Jesus God Who Came Less. 4

Jesus God Who Came Less. 5

Holy Spirit Flashcards

Pray through Character

Prayer Guide JGWCE

Cards for Waiting Les. 1

JESUS cutout letters Les 3

Les. 5 handouts part 1 3up

Les. 5 handouts part 2

Workshop #4 – God: The One to Follow

WS4 attendee packet

Team Handouts WS 4

2017-18 Workshop resources

Workshop #1 – God the Creator King

(click on a title to download the pdf)

Pre-Club Activities Overview

•  O King will you Save?

•  What to do with Nothing

•  What Do You Need?

Prayer Prompter

Connect with Prayer Warriors

Workshop #2 – Jesus is God Who Cares for People

Pre-Club Activities Overview

•  Clue Cards

•  Non-live plant

•  Plant care cards

•  Discover God’s Amazing H2O

•  Nobleman’s Son Story Board

•  Believe! Lesson 4

•  BELIEVE visuals

•  Can You See the…?

•  Who Am I?

Praying in the Name of Jesus

Prophecy Notes

Sharing the Message of Salvation (MOS)

Workshop #3 – God’s Plan in Action: The Early Church

Pre-Club Activities Overview

•  Gospel Writers Script

•  Lesson 1 Handout

•  Trinity Visual

My Quiet Time booklet

QT Dial page

Praying Through the Gospel Points

Why Do We Do What We Do

Workshop #4 – God’s Plan Unfolds: The Patriarchs

Pre-Club Activities Overview

•  Open the Gate Demo

Komodo – Kudu – Kid Game

Praying Hands