Praying for Children Through God’s Name



1.  Strong Creator, Elohim,

May children be delighted with Your creation, realizing that there is none like You.  No one could speak the universe into being, filled with life and wonder as You have done.


2.  Most High God, El Elyon,

Your perspective is beyond our vision. Your plans supersede our ideas. You will accomplish Your eternal purpose in bringing children into Your kingdom.


3.  LORD and Master, Adonai,

Be the true master of our hearts so that the children will see in our lives that you are worthy to be obeyed.


4.  God, who sees and hears, El Roi,

You know and see each boy and girl. Make your compassion known to them as You hear their every cry.


5.  Almighty God, El Shaddai,

Direct the lives of the children toward holiness and fruitfulness to bring honor to Your Name.


6.  Judge of all the Earth, Shaphat,

Judging the thoughts and intentions of our hearts, lead us with the children, to the Forgiver and the Way everlasting.


7.  LORD God Everlasting, Yahweh El Olam,

Ignite hope within our hearts as we fix our eyes on the Eternal God, leading the children and overcoming all circumstances.


8.  LORD, You see to it, Jehovah-Jireh,

You will always provide what is needed to obey Your commands, to bring the message of salvation to children and disciple them from every nation.


9.  Good Shepherd, Jehovah-Raah,

We place our trust in you as you seek the lost lambs and shepherd their hearts.  May we rejoice exceedingly with you as You bring them into your family.


10. Yeshuah, you are Salvation 

for every child who turns from his/her sin and trusts in the God who is able to save him or her.


11. Jehovah-Rapha, you are The LORD who heals us.

You bring healing to our bodies and souls.  You will continue this until it’s time for our new bodies to come to Your forever HOME.  May we praise you with the children for every time you make us well again and for the hope of a new day.


12. Jehovah Shammah, you are the LORD who is present everywhere.

There is no place on earth or in the universe where we can go away from Your presence.  The children trusting in You are never alone.  Help them to know that You are always with them.


13. Our Righteousness, Jehovah-Tsidkenu,

You, who knew no sin became sin for us in Your body on the cross that we might become the righteousness of God. May each child be presented before you, holy and useful to the Master in Jesus.


14. Jehovah Mekoddishkem, you are the LORD who sanctifies us.

Holy and Sovereign God, call us, with the children out from the patterns and ways of this world to be devoted to You and Your eternal purpose.


15. Jehovah-Kana, You are the Jealous God.

You will not share our devotion with any other because we fully belong to You, bought with the precious blood of Christ. You jealously desire each of us as your very own, to protect, provide for and bring glory to Your Name. Help the children know how much they are valued.


16. Jehovah- Shalom, you are the LORD our Peace.

LORD, keep us in Your perfect peace. Lead the hearts of the children to place their trust in you, making them overcomers of troubles and fear.


17. Our Defense, Jehovah Magenninu,

LORD, please surround the children with Your shield, protecting them from every evil scheme.  You defend the defenseless.  You are a Father to the fatherless.


18. LORD of Hosts, Jehovah Sabaoth,

LORD, You are greater than the enemy.  Encompassing us around with Your Holy angels, accomplish Your eternal purpose in sending us to reach every boy and girl.  We know that the battle belongs to you.  In You, we are victorious.


Prayer prompts arranged by Christina Dillane, CEF Ministry Coordinator, North San Diego County, 2017.