Notes from the Children

Enjoy these notes written by some of the clubbers in our North County Good News Clubs:


1st graders (age 6):


Blake  – I like GNC because I learn about God and how to go to heaven.


Emily  – I like GNC because we’ll know about God and the Bible.


Christina – What I like about GNC is because we are learning about God and Jesus.


3rd graders (age 8):


Faith – I like about GNC because we are learning about God and Jesus.


No name – I like GNC because it tells me about God and the Bible and the stories.


Riley – I like the games with my sister and getting treats and the Bible stories.


Josue – Everything is awesome…love it!


4th graders (age 9):


Ethan – I like that we learn new things about the Lord and there are interesting stories.  The snacks are so good.  The teachers are so nice. You make a lot of new friends.


Kaiya – Some things I like about GNC is the quiet times, the songs, verses and snacks.  I learn that no matter how bad you mess up, God still loves you.  God loves you no matter what.

Eliana – I’ve learned that even though you make mistakes, God will always love you.  I like that everybody loves you here at GNC.


5th Graders (age 10):


Madison – I learn a lot at GNC. I think the most important things were how God died on the cross for our sins.   He does so much for us. We worship Him for that and we love Him.  My favorite thing is to listen to the GNC when the teacher comes up and tells us stories about Adam and Eve and Jesus.


Reese – My favorite thing I learned in GNC is the missionary stories.  Why I like the missionary stories is because I get to learn about what people around the world did to help others. My favorite part of GNC is when I learn about God and Jesus and about the Bible.


Ethan – My favorite thing I learned is all the mistakes Jesus paid for me.  I like that because it shows you He is God by all the people he cured and everything else.  My favorite thing about GNC is how it shows you God’s love for you and it enhances Christianity.