Items that are unique to a growing child

• Children are naturally self-centered.  Learning starts from interacting with their world from the inside out.  Help create for them the wonder of discovery that God made them in His image and invites them to be His child, to love Him and love others because they are first loved and forgiven.

• Children are strongly influenced by others. They stray like little lambs. Seek to Shepherd their hearts gently.  Don’t reprimand. Draw them with kindness.

A child’s perspective

• Children experience many adults in their lives, directing them in what to do.  Their trust must be earned.  What information you give to them will be compared with what they already believe they know.  Help them “connect the dots.”

• When a child enters the GNC room, it is a space and time that is “undefined and open to be filled by their agenda” until you clearly and respectfully define the boundaries and goal of being there.

• Children need transition links to move from one focus to the next in order to fit the puzzle pieces of information together.

Learning styles

Children and adults are “wired” to learn in ways unique to each person and with lots of variations. Check out the learning styles below to see how you and the kids in the club are geared to learn best.  How can you incorporate these learning styles in your teaching?

• Kinesthetic or by moving

• Auditory or by hearing

• Visual or by seeing

• Sensory or by touching, smelling, tasting, feeling

“I just need to move!”

• Read “What to Do When They Wiggle” from the GNC Team Handbook by clicking here.  Use the checklist to review and identify areas to follow up with your classroom situation.

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