Thinking about starting a Good News Club®? Call us at 760-655-9716 or email: We’ll help you get started!

1. Pray

• Start by meeting together regularly to pray for the children in the school where you would like to have a Good News Club. Pray for their families. Pray for the principal and teachers.

• Find out if the school has a Moms In Prayer International™. Contact them about praying for a GNC™. – then go to “Groups”, then “Find a Group”).

• Enlist prayer support from your church, small groups, Sunday school classes, friends and families.

2. Spread the word

• Show a short informational video by following this link or copying and pasting to share in emails.

• Keep your eyes open for those who have an interest in reaching the kids in the public schools. Let everyone know that you are scouting for helpers. Put an announcement in your church bulletin. Forward this link in emails:

• We’ll be happy to come to your church or small group and present the ministry of Good News Clubs. Just let us know when and where by clicking here.

• Arrange a visit with us to observe a Good News Club in progress (click here to contact us).

3. Form a team

• How many? Five committed volunteers are required, plus one sub and one prayer warrior (or 3 regular team members plus a sub and one prayer warrior for middle schools). Decide on one person to serve as team leader or coordinator, who will also be the contact person for our CEF chapter office.

• Discuss and decide who would like to do each task:

•  At least two volunteers should be willing to share the task of teaching the Bible lesson.

•  Helpers are needed to take attendance and keep records, lead the songs, lead games, teach the memory verse, tell the missionary story, and help with snacks.

• Decide on a day of the week for the club when everyone is available. Check the school’s weekly schedule for release times each day.

• Decide how many five- or six-week segments you would like the club to run. Click here to see this year’s curriculum schedule.

• Screening of volunteers is required. Each one can start the process when he or she commits to joining the team. To get started, please click here. 

4. Attend Team Training

  GNC In-service for CEF policies and updates is required for returning volunteers before a request is submitted to the school district for facility use. The North County Chapter provides Quarterly Workshops that highlight on the curriculum series with additional helps and resources.

• Anyone who would like to serve in a Good News Club for the first time must attend a Good News Club Orientation (4-5 hours) before participating in a club. Four GNC Orientations will be scheduled throughout the school year for a new volunteer to attend.

• Curriculum is provided for each of the four six-week sessions and will be distributed at the Quarterly Workshops.

5. Provide information for Facility Request

• Our CEF office takes care of contacting the school district and submitting facility requests.

CEF provides the liability insurance, which all school districts require.

• School districts typically require 3-4 weeks for the entire approval process.

6. Announce the club (Permission slips)

CEF takes care of getting approval for paper or electronic flyers to be distributed through the school. This usually takes a few extra days. Flyers include a parental permission form that each child must bring to the club.

• Each club is responsible for making any needed paper photocopies of flyers. Most schools have started using e-flyers only. Paper flyers need to be provided at the club for children arriving (with parents) without a permission slip, for children asking questions about GNC as they pass by, and for children who want to invite their friends.

• Every child in the club must have a hard copy of the permission slip filled out and signed by the parent.

• If the flyers are slow in getting approved by the district, but the room has been approved and the first club day is coming up, you can do the following to advertise your club: Contact families from last year and ask them to spread the word; hand out announcements on the sidewalk near the school; hold a sign with date, time and room number (get school permission first!).

7. Plan and prepare for the first day

• Be sure everyone is prepared for his/her assigned tasks.

• Have available plenty of name tags for the children, and badges for each volunteer.

• Volunteer badges are supplied by our chapter at your training.

• Make a schedule and give a copy to each team member (click for a weekly schedule or sample).

• For more information and ideas, click here.

• Have a dry run!

8. Pray

• Enlist continuing prayer support for the children who will attend the club, their families, and the volunteers!

• It’s exciting for church members who aren’t physically part of the club to hear praise reports and to be able to participate and contribute to one of their church’s outreaches by interceding in prayer.

• Submit praise reports and prayer requests to CEF so we can be praying for and sharing your needs. Please email us at:

Questions? Please call our office at 760-410-8484, or email: