Coming Soon!

Quarterly workshops are being planned for after the holidays for the 3rd and 4th sets of curriculum, and dates and locations will be announced soon. Please click here to submit any questions you may have about training opportunities or to share your particular interest.


Instruction for teaching the Bible and memory verses effectively will be provided in area locations where teaching team members can come together with any others from their clubs who are interested and would like to join in for the sessions. Children’s teachers from area churches are also welcome to come and observe or participate.

What will be covered in the two-hour session?

– Carrying out pre-club activities to engage the children in the lesson soon to be taught.

(This benefits classroom management, student involvement, cooperation and a positive learning experience.)

– Engaging the child in the Bible narrative through the art of storytelling.

– Weaving the golden threads of the Gospel points through the lesson without breaking the story sequence.

– Utilizing Gospel tools to enhance the lessons.

– Praying for the clubbers and the team, in the context of the lessons.

– Keeping prayer warriors motivated to pray for the children and their school.


Each team, with teacher representatives (2-3) attending, will receive the next set of curriculum free, and any props and/or Gospel tools needed.  Teams with 5 in attendance will receive a class set of Wonder Devotionals of their choice.